Heritage’s James Carafano: Trump’s ‘Statecraft Is Sound’

Written by on May 15, 2019

James Carafano, vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at The Heritage Foundation, blasted critics of Donald Trump, saying they “are blindly obsessed with hating” the president.

Carafano’s comments came in a column posted on the Fox News website on Wednesday.

He said Trump does leave himself open to attacks from critics.

“In fairness, Trump makes matters easy for them,” he said. “His over-the-top rhetoric leaves the foreign policy class distraught and distracted, like the guy who shops at Brooks Brothers wearing crocs and parachute pants.”

But he said: “They have never allowed themselves to seriously consider the alternative — that his statecraft is sound.”

He pointed to criticism directed at Trump for his meeting this week with Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary.

“When Trump welcomed him to the White House, critics made it sound as if the president had not only invited Hannibal Lector to the Oval Office for lunch but had asked him to make lunch,” he said.

“Trump could have spared himself the aggravation. He didn’t need to put the target on his forehead. But he took the meeting any way. He did so because he knew it was what a statesman ought to do.”

Carafano conceded Trump’s style of statesmanship is “anything but normal.”

“But in practice, his policies look a lot more like a return to normal diplomacy — one that puts faith and responsibility in America to look after America’s place in the world,” he said.

Source: NewsMax Politics

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